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Extreme hardship letter (Example)

i xxxxxxx, residing at xxx Waldemar Avenue, Apt xx, East Boston, MA
02128, am submi6ing this attachment on the above captioned application, in which I am stating
the extreme hardship to endure by me and my children if the applicant is denied the waiver the
beneficiary is seeking, and do hereby respecfily request to please grant it. My request is based
on the following facts:
I was born in the Dominican Republic on April 12, 1984, and since 2005 I am a U'S. citizen by
on the sunmer of 2003 I met here in Boston, MA to xxxxxxxxxxxxx born
in Dajabon, Dominican Republic on dugust 11, 1983. We started to live together as a couple
since-2004, and on Novemblr 11, 2005 she gave birth to my son xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx entered the U.S. without inspection on August 1992,when she was barely 9 years old
and after I became a U.S. citizen we started to inquiry about the procedures to legalize her
migratory status. Then, on July 12,2008 we contracted marriage and immediately after our
wedding I filed an immigrani visa petition on her behalf. The petition was approved and
forwarded to the National Visa Center, seeing she was unable to apply for adjusment of satus
after the expiration of section 245(i) of INA. Being aware of the fact that my wife wasn't
eligible to apply for adjustment of status, we continue the processing, following the
instructions of the National Visa Center to pursue her immigrant visa at the American Consulate
in Santo Domingo. While in this process she gave birth to our second child, xxxxx"
bom on May 26,2009.
After fulfilling all the NVC requirements, her immigrant visa interview was conducted today
February 2, 2OlO at the American Consulate in Santo Domingo. Her immigrant visa has been
denied on the grounds that she entered the United States without inspection on August 1992, and
remained residing in the U.S. as an illegal resident alien'
As it has been established, xxxx entered the united states being a child. she acquired her
school education in the United States. Unforfunately, she has been unable to start her college
education due to her migratory status, diminishing the possibility to besome a useful and
productive person as she wishes. Since we met, she has shown to be a respecfi and law abiding
irrron, and everybody rely on her as to her good character and her affable manners' as well as
her willingness to serve anybody in need. After we started to share our lives she became a
devoted and lovely wife and, after the birth of our children, a devoted family wonan and caring
mother. In the 17 years she has been living in the United States she has shown to be a person
with extraordinary moral character, and I am very proud of her qualities as a human being'
CASE #: SDO-xxxxx
The denial of her admission into the United States would result in an extreme hardship for
me. Since the time we started to live together more than 5 years ago she always did her best to
provide me the necessary moral support to make the most for the family. I continued working
hard to assure the well being of our family. After we are living together, and mainly after the
birth of our first son, she has always done her best to help me with the family expenses, by doing
some clerical work in several officas, and performing any helpful task without taking into
ancount how small was the retribution. She never missed any oppotunity to earn something in a
decent and lawful manner. Evidently, the lost of her support in our family budget would result in
a deterioration of our standard of living, and would make more difficult for me to carry the
fannily burden. In the same manner, it would result in an extreme hardship for me to carry a
normal social life. Her separation from me would create a lack of moral support. It would alter
the way I carry my daily life. In addition, we always participate together in all the family
gatherings and in the social activities of our community, and her absence would create a vacuum
in my social life. And, evidently, the peace of mind I enjoy with her company would vanish,
wich could result in depression and the lost of my interest to do the normal things I now do in
my daily life.
And more than for me, the denial of her admission into the United States would result in an
ertreme hardship for our two children. Both xxxx (4yo) and xxxxx (9mo) have enjoyed
tlre caring, the love and the protection of their mother since their respective births. We do not
heve had the need to seek for public assistance to provide the necessary for the normal growth
and well being of the children. Both xxxxx and I are always on top of her needs, and are
always sure they get everything to assure a healthy physical development. BuL in addition to
their physicat wlll being, ih" has done an outstanding job to assure the kids are covered with the
love,the discipline, the protection and the care they need for their mental growth. And,
evidently, because they are surrounded with the love and care xxxxx and I show for each
orher, our children are enjoying the necessary to become physically strong and mentally awake
persons. Unfortunately, our son xxxxxx was identified as having a developmental delay and
speech delay, for which he is receiving special education services. His mother has been very
involved in his education, and the lost of her participation would create a serious impact on this
special education. He would be severely affected is separated from his mother at his short age,
wich would create a severe psychological trauma. Therefore, more than ever he needs his
mother on his side. ln support of tfrut allgation, I am herein enclosing letters from the center in
wich xxxxx receives medical treatment and from the school he is currently enrotled" stating
how seriously adverse would become the life of our son if t.he waiver xxxx is seeking is not
Based on the stated facts, it is clear how severe the extreme hardship our family would endure if
xxxxx is not allowed to reenter the United States. Taking into consideration the short age of
our children, it is evident how extremely important is to have their father and mother together
protecting, loving, caring and educating them, in such a manner that the fanily unity is assued
for the well being of the whole society.
CASE #: SDO-xxxxx
In this statement I have tried to show the extreme hardship factors our family is facing. It is my
finn beliefthat the financial considerations, the educational needs, and the factors ofpersonal
consideration above described, reflect the shortages that I and my children would endure if my
wife is denied the waiver she is applying for.
I do hereby respectfully request to please take into acaount human considerations in my wife's
case. The records reflect that she is an honorable and decent person, and the family deserves her
Please take also into account the fact that my wife is a law abiding person, without any criminal
reoord. During the 17 years she lived in the United States she always conducted herself showing
her good moral character and good personal conduct, and never violated any law or regulation"
as stated in the report issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Criminal History Systems
Board, which she submitted with her DS-230 form, and copy of which I am herein enclosing.
Please take into account that we have tried in good faith to fulfill all the immigration laws and
regulations to regularize her status, seeing that it is the only way we can assure the necessary
stability to carry a normal family life.
For all of the above, on behalf of myself, and on hehalf of xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx, we all U.S. citizens, I do hereby respectfully beg for the waiver on which xxxxxxxxxxx has been declared inadmissible, and allow her to return
to the United States having a legal migratory status to reunite with us, her family.

Most Respectfully.

letter of the education center
doctors letters
February 2,2010

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